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I have known Brad Serhan for many years assisting in assessing and supply of home theatre - my wife has a hearing impairment and I was impressed that Brad was able to tweak his speakers for improved voice clarity.

Brad mentioned he was consulting on a new system which would include various inputs including USB - the obvious setting from my perspective was using with computers. I have been in many rooms in health field for teleconferences, webinars via telephones and computers, and speech clarity always been difficult even for my normal hearing making concentration difficult.

He called us back in 2015 to demonstrate the Emergence AS8 loudspeakers. The speakers were instantly impressive at casting a sound wall that made it difficult to localise the source and speaker placement, and room size was not critical. He then began to tweak these speakers using my wife's impaired hearing to test various software settings to increase speech clarity for her.

The speakers seemed ideal are they were then bundled into the car to be trialled at our medical centre for videoconferencing across a variety of software platforms including skype. I had many sceptics that they were notworth the investment – “what's wrong with the $30 external speaker the practice owned?” I bought one for the Centre expecting to bring it home for personal use. The speaker placement in the room was far from ideal, being restricted to a shelf 3 feet above sitting position and not centrally positioned in a small brick wall room. Despite all this, the clarity of the voice was as impressive as in Brad's test room. Staff and patients instantly appreciate the voice is clear without need for high amplification. There is no echoing and the voices appear to fill the room, consistent with arising from the Computer monitor, not the shelf above where the speakers actually are.

We still use a $30 video camera and skype, or other simple programmes and the Practice enjoys good telehealth conferences with greater than 50 different specialists. We have not needed to invest in full expensive video conferencing systems. The sending microphones do not seem to affect the received speech quality much – our  Emergence AS8 loudspeaker system is what makes the difference.

I have since bought another Emergence AS8 system and I use it for music lessons and work Webinars. I have music lessons with my teachers in Scotland and America. Voices and subtle singing and musicality can make it seem like I am in the room with the teachers, and I am able to produce excellent recordings for later playback.

Webinars are more enjoyable with increased concentration that the voice clarity permits. Music for YouTube clips is also good, and I am sure video gamers would enjoy the system.

Dr Stephen Ross

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your advice, and just to let you know I successfully updated my AS8 with the latest voice today.

I thought it would be useful to give you my observations after loading this new voice.

Being a bit of an audiophile and back in the 80s I dabbled as a Hifi reviewer with pretty high end Nakamichi, Linn and now settled with Bang and Olufsen Beolab 9 Active High End Speakers, connected to an Anthem amp.

The biggest compliment I can give you is after the update and new voice this system reminded me of the QUAD Electrostatic loudspeakers being driven by either a Quad or tube amplifier with far more defined bass but similar imagery.

Not having any suitable speaker stands I sat the satellites on the floor on some damping pads, so certainly a challenging space.

I deliberately had lots of stuff on the table to give it a tough environment with only an android phone connected via analogue connection the lowest quality source using Spotify and YouTube.

The one phenomenon I wasn’t expecting was the holographic image was enhanced if I stood up rather than sitting down.

I have set quite a high bar as I have in the background a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beolab 9 actives connected with an Anthem amplifier and with certain music your system was its equal at less than 1/10 th of the price.

Mike Gee