Perfect Clarity
hear TV clearly without
hearing aids

A truly remarkable effect of DaS AuReality is that many people with impaired hearing can now hear clearly without the aid of hearing devices.

Many people who have not heard music or TV clearly for decades find their passion for music reignited as DaS sound waves enter the auditory channels of the ear in a unique way that continually stimulates the auditory pathways. This effect has been verified by certified audiologists who happily recommend AS8 speakers for their clients.

By removing the bombardment of low-level interference from reflected sound waves, DaS technology allows only the pure unadulterated sound envelope to reach the ear. This brings perfect clarity, which allows the signal to be much more easily processed and perceived by human audiology. The full impact of this becomes apparent when many with hearing impairment can now hear clearly with the AS8.

This effect makes it clear that even those with good hearing, constantly need to filter out the extraneous reflected sounds, causing a reduction in clarity and also tiredness from the brain constantly filtering out “noise”.

Choose the AS8 to get the same effect as complex
expensive acoustic room treatments

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In October 2019, NewAudio delivered a presentation to the association of Independent Audiologists Australia to help the profession understand the unique benefits of the revolutionary DaS technology and
the positive impact it can have on the wellbeing and lifestyle of clients.

Audiologists state that AS8 Speakers help improve quality of life through
healthy hearing

My household was a battleground as to who was controlling the volume on our television. As my husband turned it up, I turned it down. As an audiologist I knew that he was looking for clarity, not volume, but volume was the only control available to him – so he kept turning it up…to ridiculously loud levels. I was fortunate to hear a demonstration of the AS8 speakers at an audiology seminar. I was impressed with the sound quality and decided to buy the speakers – somewhat sceptical as to whether they would really solve my problems at home, but thought that at least I’d have great speakers for listening to music and watching television. I installed the speakers and quickly found the clarity they offer means no more fights over volume. Our home is a more pleasant environment. The acoustic engineering is not easy to understand, so my simple explanation is that the speakers have “hearing aid like technology” and that is what makes them different. As a single case study, I can say that my experience has been positive, that I now rely on the speakers and would not be without them
- Dr Louise Collingridge, Audiology Consultant and IAA CEO, March 2020
I had excellent reports from some of my patients who are using it. They all claim that TV becomes much clearer even without their hearing aids on, and there is no need for a Bluetooth connection or headset. Listeners are reporting that captions are no longer needed on their TV, due to the improvement in clarity.
Not needing captions is beneficial to continue stimulating the auditory pathway.
- Dr Celene McNeill – Healthy Hearing & Balance Care

Choose the AS8 to get the same effect as complex expensive acoustic room treatments


Hear Clearly with AS8 Speakers
Listen to Jim Allen remark on his renewed ability to hear TV clearly

With the AS8s you get perfect clarity; it’s like putting on glasses when you’re nearsighted.
- David Laks, owner and operator of David Laks Productions, Saugerties NY
Jim Allen
I can actually understand the words now … I no longer need the hearing loop and can turn off the TV captions.
- Jim Allen - used hearing aids for over 20 years

Choose the AS8 to get the same effect as complex expensive acoustic room treatments