Emergence AS8 (powered by Rotorsonic)

Emergence AS8 (powered by Rotorsonic)
Emergence AS8 (powered by Rotorsonic)
Emergence AS8 (powered by Rotorsonic)
Emergence AS8 (powered by Rotorsonic)

Emergence AS8 (powered by Rotorsonic)

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ROTORSONIC is the advanced revolution in audio technology by NewAudio that delivers unadulterated, uncompromised, unrivalled PURE acoustic clarity.

The Emergence AS8 speakers were designed to bring an audiophile quality listening experience to a broader audience, and have been researched and perfected over 25 years, by acoustician and inventor Joe Hayes. 

An example of the effectiveness of our speakers is how they help to enhance clarity for the hard of hearing. In our experience, hearing aids can be worn while listening to our speakers, and the audio won't sound slurred or muffled, as is a common experience with other speaker systems. If you don't wear hearing aids, but still have hearing difficulties, our speakers will help you to enjoy music and TV without turning the volume up to uncomfortably loud levels!

Experience turning the volume down, with the comfort of perfect clarity and intelligibility.

Remote Control
Removing a protective plastic under the remote battery to get the remote working. Note: a spare battery is also included

Featuring analog (RCA and 3.5mm phono) and coaxial, optical (compatible with TVs and Foxtel) and USB digital inputs, the system can accept signals from most sources, including WiFi/Airplay and Bluetooth interfaces.
The included Bluetooth device will connect to any Bluetooth enabled device such as your smartphone or computer.

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